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2:40pm 03-09-2019
I'm in love with your website, on your way to eat pizza pie.
6:16pm 03-08-2019
love it!
7:57am 02-14-2019
I haven't signed a guestbook in years What a blast from the past!
3:45pm 02-07-2019
John James
That's some good pizza ya got there
6:29pm 01-12-2019
I wanna eat there so bad...are you near the PDX Moda Center by chance. I wanna take my 11 yr old granddaughter out to your place on ice cream day....right before the P!NK Concert in April...your ice cream flavor burst soft serve is cool...
6:22pm 01-12-2019
this pizza is bomb, I’m about to get some ice cream too
7:16pm 01-03-2019
ure emejuru
i live i virginia beach. i've never been here. but i love the vibe. i'llbe sure to come if i'm ever around. the website is BOMB
6:43pm 12-29-2018
Guys guys guys I signed the guestbook!! Hello pizza
11:55pm 12-26-2018
1:51pm 12-04-2018
I work for a web company and I had to say....this site is AMAZING. We're on opposing sides of the country so I sadly can't stop in and try your pizza - but maybe one day. Keep bein' badass.
7:36pm 11-28-2018
Timur Kiykioglu
Can you tell me if your marinara sauce contain rosemary?
2:18pm 11-19-2018
Wow! Your website is spectacular! The Lovely Linda looks scrumptious. I wish I lived a few hundred miles closer!
2:05pm 11-06-2018
I will eat at your restaurant based on your incredible web site. You are so awesome! Your site will be highlighted in my classes.
Also, love that you have a guest book.
8:25pm 09-20-2018
Electra Langley's BF
I think you mean old boyfriend? I only have love for pizza.
2:17pm 09-20-2018
Electra Langley
I think my new boyfriend is more in love with your pizza than me!
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