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8:13pm 01-25-2021
thanks for making our toddler have a wonderful pizza on his birthday!
mahalo nui loa!
miss tribal
5:55pm 01-01-2021
fox bock sr.
9:11am 12-31-2020
Cant wait for you to be open again so I can bring my gf for some East Coast Pie!!
4:14pm 11-11-2020
Wow, what an incredible pizza. The Pan Crust It's Always Sunny in Cully is absolutely impeccable. Props to the chef and ingredients!
8:17pm 10-24-2020
Donald Trump Jr
Nice website pizza jerk very cool!
8:50pm 10-03-2020
I just bought a three pack of frozen pizzas from Grocery Outlet. They cost $3.33 a piece for a full size pie. I haven't been to pizza jerk since the beginning of the pandemic. I used to order slices from you out of convenience. The frozen pizza was so so so much than your slices. Just fix that, man. Don't serve old ass slices that are overcooked and gross. I know that you are not East Coast and that you can't possibly have any idea or concept of what pizza should be, but you are doing it wrong. Your pies to order are better, but don't serve slices if you are going to be disgusting and gross about it.
3:13pm 09-03-2020
Sick Site
4:53pm 08-21-2020
I love your website!
12:50pm 08-10-2020
Donald Trump
Cool website!
10:14pm 07-18-2020
Have been living in Portland for a year and just now tried this place. Wonderful pizza. We are moving east so will no longer be able to order. Argh. Why do bad things happen to good people!?
6:46pm 07-06-2020
Robert Shapiro
Long time Tommy fan and Pizza Jerk regular here. Some feedback on the COVID take out situation: A native New Englander, I love good Pizza. One order was called in, I was given a pick-up time, arrived early because I like my Pizza 'roof of the mouth burning' -right out of the oven, and the pie came out right on time. Next time, we were given a time, got there at the given pick-up time and got home (4 minute drive) with a cold pie (yuck!). Third time, I was given a time, got there 15 minutes early (see 1st time). I was told "you're early." "I like my pie hot", I replied. "Oh don't worry", if it comes out early, we set it on top of the oven to keep it warm". WTF! My pizza was, in fact done 15 minutes earlier that my assigned pick up time. Had I arrived 'on-time', it would have sucked.

Tommy? Fix this! No pizza gets better sitting on top of an oven in a box!!
11:37am 06-23-2020
Julie Kent
Some times your pizza is really good and some times it's amazing! Whoever made our pizza last night (6/22/20 at NE 42nd location) was AMAZING! Perfectly cooked, perfect amount of cheese, perfect amount of toppings... so good, and always available right when you say it will be! Thank you! - Kent Family
7:48pm 06-18-2020
A Guy
Best website USA #1
4:41pm 05-24-2020
Love your pizza! I am writing today because I’m curious about what your policy about masks is? I just picked up couple of pizzas from your SE Morrison location and everything with my service and food quality was great, except it seems like mask wearing among staff is not happening across the board. I know that mask wearing is not 100% effective at stopping the spread of germs, but it works best if everyone in a space is properly wearing a covering over their nose and mouth.

I just want you to know that it is important to me to see that your employees are being protected as much as possible. I appreciate that you have changed the pick up location to the doorway to keep customers from entering the building. I would love to see a plexi barrier up to further protect your staff, but I know these changes aren’t cheap or quick to do.

I’m a hairstylist not even yet allowed to work in Multnomah County. I’m not trying to be a Karen here (no offense if your name is Karen!), I just really care about the health of people who are continuing to work during this pandemic and I want to support businesses that are going the extra mile to be safe rather than sorry.

Thank you for your time, B
4:07pm 05-18-2020
Thank you for this treat of a website, I will be buying pizza from you specifically because of this. Whoever did this is a GENIUS
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