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2:25pm 04-06-2021
This website is killin it, rock on Pizza Jerk - looking forward to tasting your stuff in Portland soon
8:56pm 03-27-2021
Love you guys and have had MANY EXCELLENT pies and ice cream cones at your shops (usually go to NE 42nd).
Tonight was the exception; really burned pies. Tried to call when I got home and no one picked up. I know you had a really long day being short staffed and having the babe pop up in the morning. Hoping someone will reach out once you have time to read through messages and catch up once you’re not short staffed. Thank you
11:10pm 03-18-2021

1:25pm 03-18-2021
Such a great website! Can't wait till I'm in Portland!
12:58pm 03-18-2021
I don't know who is posing as me, but I am the TRUE 133th4x0r!!!!!

I'm bona fide. I RUN this warez game, son. Still gots an AOL email address, and everything... The poser below is probably the type to cyber on reddit.

What'chu got, 1M905T3R??? (I'll show you mine, if you show me yours...)
12:31pm 03-18-2021
Watch out kid we're coming for you...
11:24am 03-18-2021
wow, nice site! and no use of geocities, homestead, or tripod site building tools?! needs some dope midi music
11:09am 03-18-2021
Omg luv this. Stacy wuz here xoxorawr
6:05pm 02-14-2021
I just got my AOL account and was stoked to find your website. Really love the graphics; they're far out.
10:33pm 02-12-2021
12:45pm 02-04-2021
Put more sauz on this website!
8:32pm 02-03-2021
f*** all the negative comments below except for miss tribal. mahalo to you. pizza jerk thrives on having consistent flavored pizzas. i have yet to be disappointed by pizza jerk. so in conclusion f*** all you red baron frozen za eater yall the real jerks. love you pizza jerk
8:13pm 01-25-2021
thanks for making our toddler have a wonderful pizza on his birthday!
mahalo nui loa!
miss tribal
5:55pm 01-01-2021
fox bock sr.
9:11am 12-31-2020
Cant wait for you to be open again so I can bring my gf for some East Coast Pie!!
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